Hello there.

Welcome to my website. I'm a little surprised that anyone would find their way here, but here you are!

Much of this is merely web developer and tech support stuff that I find useful. But I'm also interested in other things. ;)

Web development

Color tools

colorhexa - name/hex >> rgb
hexcolortool - lighten/darken easily
paletton - build a color palette
tanaguru contrast finder - great a11y color tool

What I'd really like to tell you

Find out by going here. If you have any related questions or objections, let me know. I'd like to think that open conversation on things like this can be beneficial.

Tech support

  1. Anti-Virus

    I've recently changed my recommendation on anti-virus software. For quite some time, I've only used (and suggested to others) the basic free Windows Defender solution. Mostly because it became much better around the time Windows 10 came out. Being free and competent, it seemed reasonable.

    Now I suggest Sophos because it seems to be better at preventing dangerous patterns in addition to known definitions. In other works if something smells funny, it's best to block it and sort it out later. Reason #1 and Reason #2

    A good tool for checking to see if you are already infected is Emsisoft Emergency Kit

  2. Password Managers

    I really didn't want to start using something like this...then I realized that I could hack myself without trying too hard.

    In the end, we naturally start reusing passwords and/or start using variants of a password for different services. The big problem is that when a bad guy hacks one site with a variant of your password, it's very easy for them to deduce your password on sites that they haven't hacked.

    I didn't choose Lastpass or Dashlane. Instead I recommend Bitwarden. I highly suggest you try it. I started very hesitantly, only adding a few "unimportant" accounts, but it didn't take long before I valued being able to have any password available anywhere.

  3. Remote Access

    If you want me to help fix something on your computer, I can often do a lot without needing to visit in person. I've been using TeamViewer to do that. It lets me see your computer as we talk on the phone.